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Closed Circuit Television  


MCM Alarms can offer domestic and commercial CCTV packages, all tailor made to your requirements and budget.

We can also offer advice and service on existing systems

We currently recommend and install Dedicated Micros Products


Would you like to be able to view you home CCTV from your work PC via the internet??


Until now a low cost DVR has typically meant a reduction in quality, functionality or ease of use, reducing the value of switching from analogue to digital.

Eco4 breaks the mould for an affordable DVR, providing the quality, ease of use and reliability that has made Dedicated Micros products renowned while preserving the key functionality required in a professional system.

Eco4 is the ideal system for domestic premise and small businesses considering replacing a time-lapse VCR and multiplexer for the first time or viewing their cameras remotely.

For those requiring more functionality than that included in Eco4, D4 offers additional features and performance for cost sensitive applications.

Eco4 is Plug and Play
Eco4 is configured to time-lapse record straight out of the box, and automatically detects which cameras are connected on power up. For many applications, plugging the unit in and powering it up are the only installation activities needed.

Eco4 Never Stops Recording - Even in Real Time
Eco4 can record a single camera in real-time (25/30PPS) while simultaneously playing back historical video locally and to a network viewer.

Eco4 Fits Virtually Everywhere
With a smaller case (254*260*65.3mm), Eco4 can fit into almost any location. It is strong enough to support a monitor, saving even more space.

Eco4 Lasts a Long Time
With a top-end 160GB drive, Eco4 offers over a month's time-lapse recording out of the box and is backed with a 2-year warranty.

Eco4 is a Real Deterrent
With a second professional spot-monitor output as well as the user main monitor output, Eco4 can provide a real deterrent to crime. Hidden camera support ensures that staff cannot attempt to beat the system for personal gain. Email alarms and remote access increase the deterrent effect.

Eco4 Provides the Evidence
An external SCSI port allows you to attach a CD Writer to Eco4 to export video for evidential purposes. Evidence CDs include all the software needed to view the evidence automatically from a standard Windows PC. Images and videos can be downloaded remotely over a network.

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